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Conduct an analysis of variance (ANOVA) to check for mean differences between three independent groups on any variable of your choice (i.e., Is there a difference in coffee consumption per week between those under age 18, those between 18-25, and those above age 25?).

Each sample should have a minimum of n = 6 participants.

What to turn in:State your research question (use the example from above as a model).State the null and alternative hypotheses for your ANOVA.Using α = .05 for your test, indicate the critical F-value, conduct the necessary calculations (show your work whenever possible) and state your conclusions regarding the original hypotheses (Reject H0 or Fail to Reject H0).Calculate and interpret η2 as a measure of effect size.Using Tukey’s post-hoc test, check for specific significant differences between groups
Note: Please do this even if your conclusion above is “Fail to Reject H0”Write a conclusion statement, as would appear in a published report.

Extra Credit (Up to 5 points):Present your findings using an “ANOVA summary table” as discussed on p. 361 of the textbook.

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