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An argumentative essay is a type of academic paper that gives writers the freedom to choose a topic, and give an opinion based on strong evidence. The author should investigate on the selected topic by collecting and evaluating practical evidence.

The student should then decide what side of the argument to support. Do not confuse an argumentative essay for an expository essay. Although the two share some similarities, an argumentative paper requires some pre-writing, and it involves a lot of research. We have gathered several ideas and tips that you can use to write a superior and persuasive essay.

Preparation Phase

Perhaps the best approach to writing a compelling argumentative essay is doing some preparations. Rather than jumping straight into the writing phase, take some time to plan the structure of your essay. An argumentative paper must possess specific attributes that provoke the reader to view things from your angle of thought.

So, the first thing you ought to do is choose an ideal topic for your essay. A good topic is one that expresses two conflicting ideas or has diverse conclusions. Also, as you hunt for an appropriate topic, pick one that is of interest to you. Although it is crucial to go for an interesting topic, you also have to choose one that you can support with hard facts and valid information. While creating a list of possible topics, also jot down points that you will utilize as evidence to support your essay.

Elaborate your topic

Before taking a side, it is critical to present both sides of your question. Give a thorough assessment of every side of the argument. Of course, do not forget to take your stand when concluding your argumentative essay. You have to show the reader of your essay why your side of the argument is stronger than the other. You need to gather relevant evidence to do this.

Do enough research

Since you have to take a position when writing an argumentative essay, the next step is collecting data that substantiates your claims. In this section, it is not necessary to get melodramatic. If you can deliver your ideas in a concise manner, you are halfway through with your academic essay. Do not just choose a side and then fail to provide real proof.

The writing phase

The next stage after completing the above procedures is writing the essay. Many students make the mistake of writing the argumentative at this stage. If you ignore the other phases of the essay process, you are more likely to face obstacles when writing the academic paper. Nevertheless, you will have a smoother writing process if you do your homework, way before you get to this phase.

Additionally, when drafting your argumentative essay remember that the format follows the same basic layout as other academic research papers. That is, the essay should have an introduction, body, and a conclusion.

Just like any other academic paper, the introduction should: describe your topic briefly, give background information, and provide a strong thesis statement. In this scenario, the thesis statement is simply a statement expressing your stand on the topic of discussion. Clarity and conciseness are two aspects that make a good thesis statement.

You will present your argument in the body segment of the essay. In this section include substantial information regarding your topic of argument. You must state valid points that back up both sides of the argument. So begin by describing the opposite side of the argument, followed by your point of view. Also, you should provide real facts that articulate your point of view.

Select the most powerful points that you have gathered and present them in a systematic way. You can combine different types of information, such as anecdotal stories or statistics. The body segment can be of any length as long as the paragraphs carry the appropriate details.

Lastly, in the conclusion, tell your reader again the stand of your viewpoint. To achieve this, summarize your points in small paragraphs.

Consider these tips when writing your argumentative essay.

  • Refrain from using emotional language.
  • Use concrete facts. Do not fake information.
  • Create an eye-catching outline.
  • Cite every source you employ to avoid plagiarism.
  • Prepare strong points to defend your side of the argument in case the tutor or another scholar decides to challenge you.

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