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An article review sums up and evaluates written work of another author. As part of learning, tutors regularly ask students to review articles as a way of assessing what they have learned in the coursework. Course instructors or lecturers often request students to evaluate an article to see their logical assessment of the article. Mainly, they will want to see the theme and supporting arguments that you will highlight in your review. If you are hoping to write a powerfully persuasive article review, follow these simple steps outline below.

The planning stage

It is crucial to make some preparations before writing your review. To begin with, get to know the meaning of an article review. Keep in mind that an article review is directed to a particular audience who are well-informed in the topic under discussion. Thus, when evaluating an article, give a summary of the argument and fundamental ideas. Also, you have to analyze the contribution of the article to the subject area critically.

An article review is not a mere opinion. Rather, you will be required to evaluate and comment on how the work of the author has contributed to scholarly ideas. You will use theories, ideas and research applicable to your area of study to give a response. Also, you must use your logical reasoning and empirical evidence when reviewing the article. Keep in mind that a critique article is a response to the research of the author. You should not introduce novel research in this essay.

Although you may not be familiar with the procedure, the process of reviewing an article is not as demanding as writing an essay. An essay certainly requires a lot of research, maximum attention and commitment. For you to create a precise summation, understanding the key elements of the article and arguments is crucial. In short, there are cardinal components that every article review should feature for it to be conclusive.

The format of your Article Review

Another essential element is the layout of the article review. It is better to do this before you even read your article. If you want to write a superior review, decide on the layout first. That way, it will be easier for you read and understand the article you are hoping to review. After previewing your article, it is time to read it. You have to read it thoroughly; even if it is three to five times. Focus on the central theme as well as the supporting facts. It is imperative that you comprehend what the article intends to communicate. Check if the article negates or agrees with what you already know.

The article should have at least these points:

  • A summary of the article. Highlight crucial information, claims, and points.
  • Look at the strengths of the article. What aspects of the article has the author done well?
  • Check for weaknesses. Try to identify if the text has any inconsistencies or contradictions. Find out if the evidence presented by the author is sufficient to back up their claim. Determine if there are any questions that the article never addressed.

Previewing and Reading

After deciding on the setup, the next step is reading the article you want to evaluate. Begin by doing a preview. Look at the introduction of the article, headings, title, paragraphs, topic sentences, and the conclusion. That way, you will be able to recognize the main ideas and arguments of the writer. Once you have read the article, try to evaluate if it has a connection with what you are familiar with on the subject. Lastly, compare the text with other similar works that you have read. If you understand the article well, it will be easy to write a persuasive article review.

The writing stage

Next is the writing phase. By now you should be prepared to write down the article using your words. Pay attention to the main argument, and the claims of the article. Also, it is helpful to jot down your opinions of the article. Find out if the author of the article was clear and accurate. Determine if the work of the author was sufficient; whether it contributed new ideas to the subject area and, identify sections of the work that need betterment.

In a nutshell, consider the following questions as they will help critique the journal article adequately:

  • Does the article have a clear purpose/objective? Or rather, what is the aim of the article?
  • A theoretical framework. Does the author’s work have a clear conceptual framework?
  • Are there any theoretical assumptions?
  • What are the major concepts of the article and has the author defined them clearly?
  • Is the evidence presented in the article adequate?
  • How does the author’s work fit out with the relevant literature?
  • Does the article heighten your understanding of the theme?
  • How does the article accomplish this purpose?
  • What methods has the author employed to accomplish his/her aim?
  • What is the author’s style of writing?
  • Is the writing clear?

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