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Essentially, a book report is an academic paper that thoroughly discusses the content a particular text. Students, particularly those in the elementary level may be asked by their course tutors to write a book review. It is a class assignment that every student is supposed to undertake at some time during their studies. Typically, teachers will request students to review a book for this reason: to test how well you have understood the subject. Hence, a perfectly written report will demonstrate your understanding of the theme of the book.

Frankly, you cannot create a purposeful report if you fail to read the book in detail. So, the first you should do before you consider starting the report is reading the book comprehensively. A book report should be descriptive in nature. That means that you might have to read the book a couple of times, before you sit down to write the review. Although it can be a hard task to take on, it can be amusing. Moreover, you get the chance to read a new text and share your thoughts about it.

We know that developing a superior report is a struggle for most students, especially those who are not skilled writers or when on a tight schedule. For this reason, we have outlined several vital aspects that must feature in a book report. Book Report content

The academic level you are in determines the content of the report, which can vary considerably. For middle-grade level students, On a minimal, your book report should feature:

  • Bibliographical information of the book.
  • Narrative summary.
  • Summary of the setting.
  • The purpose of the author concerning their work.
  • Your opinion after reviewing the book.
  • A summary statement of the theme.

Format of a book report

1. Introduction

The first segment of your report should begin with a clear and strong introduction. An authoritative introduction will captivate your reader. In the introduction part, include details such as the author of the book, the title of the book, genre, publisher, publication year, and the number of pages. Also, include a brief summary of your report.

2. The body of the report

After the introduction, the next step is writing the body of the report. The body has two major sections. There are two things you must when creating the body of your book report. First, give an evaluation of the book. The second part is where analyzing and critiquing the book. In this section, you are expected to give your personal view of the book.

A book report for non-fiction work is a little different from a work of fiction. Whether it is a fiction book or non-fiction one, you can begin by explaining the key ideas and the purpose of the author then do your summary.

For fiction work, consider discussing the setting, key characters of the story, the tone and mode the writer has used, and the protagonist. Discuss any literary devices that the author has employed.

For non-fiction work, discuss briefly the main points, the topic of the author, and argument. Identify the thesis of the book. Do not give a summary of every chapter of the book. Focus on the on the key points. Also, do not forget to point out the important conclusions of the work.

When analyzing and evaluating the book, it is alright to give your thoughts. Nevertheless, make sure you explain your views and include great examples.

Think of these questions before you begin your critique:

  • Did you find the book interesting?
  • Is the text written well?
  • If the work is in the fiction category, who are the principal characters?
  • If it is non-fiction work, can you identify the central thesis?
  • Which writing style has the author used?

These are just simple questions for guiding when you are writing the extended summary.

3. The conclusion

The last part of a book report is the conclusion. In the conclusion, sum up the content of your report. Again, it is important that you reiterate your main idea or the thesis. Also, you can state your opinion. Let the readers know if the book was interesting to you. Stress on the major ideas that you wish your reader to know.

To write a decisive conclusion, ask yourself these questions:

  • For fiction work, did you find the book satisfactory?
  • For non-fiction work, was there strong evidence to support the thesis?
  • What noteworthy facts about the book’s author did you notice?
  • Can you recommend the book to another person?

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