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Movies are developed from various genres, among them novels, plays, and real life situations. A good example is the Captain Phillips film. The film is an American thriller produced in 2013 under the directorship of Paul Greengrass (Faraci). The film is developed from a true story of an American ship that was hijacked by the pirates in the Somali deep waters in the Indian Ocean. The ship, Maersk Alabama, was under the guidance of Captain Richard Phillips. The ship was taken hostage by Abduwali Muse and other pirates in 2009 (Faraci). In the film, Tom Hanks stars Captain Phillips while Barkhad Abdi takes Muse Character. The film is one of the master pieces of the 21st century, and ranks as among the best movie in 2013. 


Captain film is one of the best films that came to market in 2013. Success is measured with many metrics in the film industry. The film box office gross income totaled to over $218 million in comparison to a budget of $55 million (Faraci). This revenue success was accompanied by six academic awards nominations. Nominations like best picture and best supporting actor for Abdi indicated that the movie was a sensation although it didn’t win. The movie is considered the best movie for 2013 due to a number of reasons like plot, cast and production (Faraci). 

  1. Plot 

Captain Phillips is a thrilling and intensely emotional movie that is adapted from the Maersk Alabama story. Largely the movie on one side describes the efforts of the pirates, under the guidance of muse, to take the Maersk Alabama hostage. On the other hand, the movie captures the effort of the ship Captain to save his crew members. Phillips tells his crew men to hide in the engine room and he captured. The movie develops to a level where the ultimate helps come from the US Navy (Faraci). The rescue mission is very intense, where intense emotions fly in the air as Captain Phillips tries to change the mind of the pirates. The other emotional scene in the movie is where the captain reunites with his family, although it’s a short time period of cast. 

The movie is more of a personal movie that captures two distinct lifestyles of the Captain and the lead Pirate, Muse. During the cast, the movie follows the two main characters from the two opposite side (Faraci). A balance is established between the depictions of the two main characters. Almost all the things that happen to the Captain are juxtaposed around one or both of them in some way; these two characters define each other. Both care about the outcome that would likely follow their crew and as such both men try to outwit each other before the pirates board the ship; as a consequence they push their crews very hard. Captain Phillips continues his tireless work to handle the situation at hand (Faraci). To begin with, he is guided by the desire to save his crew followed by the boat. After the realization of the safety of the crew and the ship, his attention turns to the need to save himself and to some extent his captors. He uses his captors’ needs and desires against him and his crew which weakens the pirates’ actions. On the other hand, Muse guides his group with zeal which relates to the need to fight poverty. Muse is thus guided with unwavering goal of getting the ship which would allow them to ask for millions of dollars. The captain offers $30,000 to Muse, which he refuses and remains in the cause of his ultimate goal.

  1. The cast 

There are several actors in this film; however, the entire movie largely revolves around the two main characters, Tom Hanks as Richard Phillips, the captain and Barkhad Abdi as Abduwali Muse, pirate leader. The two characters complement each other during the entire cast. The two are seen to be from two different worlds (Faraci). Captain Phillips is depicted as well built middle aged man, arising from a middle class family in America. His work is supported by his family, as seen where his wife drives with him the airport. On the other hand Muse is depicted as a poor, teenage Somali pirate. He lives under the influence of drugs, khat. Muse is sensationally, eager to prove to his masters that he worthy to handle challenging tasks, like delivering millions of dollars’ worth of hostages. Other characters mainly acted as supporting actors in enhancement of the two main characters role (Faraci).

  1. Production 

The development of the project is enhanced by the allowance to adapt Richard Phillips’ memoir publication, A Captain Duty, and the film rights awarded to Sony picture. Somali cast carried a lot of security risk and as a result there was a worldwide search for areas that would support the Somali cast (Faraci). As a consequence, the film was done of the coast of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, which was the close to the picture of Somali cost. The filming took an approximately nine week’s period.


The Captain Phillips film is epic. However, the movie started at a low note but as tension rises it hits an epic point where tensions are high all over. Watching the movie is thrilling experience. 

Work cited 

Faraci, Devin. ‘CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Movie Review: The Year’S Most Intense Movie Is Also One Of The Year’S Best’. Badass Digest. N.p., 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2015.

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