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  1. The role of the individual in helping to solve unemployment, political violence, poverty, and looming ecological disasters

Individuals bear the role of solving the above mentioned problems by first accepting that these problems exist and that they should be solved sooner than later. Accepting these problems grants an individual a clear vision on how to make the community or society a good place for everyone. For this reason, individuals are obliged to strategize on the way forward in the pursuit of the common good of the society (Before It’s News Inc, 2013). These strategies can encompass other stakeholders in the society, who in one way or another posses the much-needed support. For instance, an individual can solve unemployment by involving the government officials, banks and other available supporters. This group of stakeholders will assist by granting financial support in establishments of industries and even small business that in turn offer employment opportunities to the rising population of the unemployed people. This move will also curb poverty at an incredible percentage because many people will start earning income; thus, offering the platform to pay their bills and improve their lives.

 On another perspective, an individual can solve political violence by directly involving the youth because they are the main tools of violence in the society. For this reason, mobilizing them and convincing them on the importance of peace will change their minds, and the political giants will lack the platform to illicit violence. More so, the aforementioned factor of creating employment will chip in to solve political violence because most youths will be occupied in industries earning their living. These two examples depict simple steps that an individual can take to solve the existing problems in the society and at the same time curb impending problems.

  1. Are we more likely to solve the problems if we embrace a sense of common purpose and public spirit focused on the collective good? Or, Should we focus on our private pursuits and a market mentality that says our consumption is what makes the world go round?

Embracing the sense of common purpose and public spirit is the way to go because it will help in making the society a harmonious place for everyone. This is the case because embracing the sense of common purpose will push the individual to establish ways that will solve these issues that in turn lead to peace and prosperity in the society (Edwards, 2008). This move is essential because opting otherwise or focusing on private pursuits will not help in curbing the problems because an individual minds his own business without being conscious of the social problems affecting the community. Therefore, embracing the sense of purpose is extremely vital because selflessness will not solve the biting problems and still may not grant individuals their much needed desires. This is the case because if individuals dwell in their own private pursuits, they might not experience the perceived freedom because any ongoing negative aspects in the society will directly affect them (Before It’s News Inc, 2013). For instance, an individual dwelling in their own private world within the society may prosper but he cannot enjoy his success if the society is shaken by political waves or if the community is full of crime triggered by heightened unemployment. In this regard, individuals should be concerned on the welfare of the community not only for the sake of fellow beings in the society, but also for their own good or harmony.

  1. Is there a balance between what the individual is responsible for and what our role should be in the public sphere?

There is a huge balance of an individual’s responsibility and people’s role in the public sphere because these two sets of people determine the solutions to the social problems (Weor, 2012). This is the case because the people’s roles begin by embracing the inflicted change towards the solution of the problems. Their acceptance shows that they are willing to corporate with the proposed strategies. Hence, when an individual takes a step of bringing change, the people have to accept it by participating in every channel possible (Edwards, 2008). Therefore, an individual’s role of bringing change aligns with the peoples’ role of realizing this change. For instance, an individual’s proposal to curb poverty and unemployment by establishing industries and small business must be supported by the people in the society by showing their will to get employed (Before It’s News Inc, 2013). This means that both the individuals willing to bring change in the society bear the same roles with the people in the society because they both have to be positive on the need for common good and drive forth towards achieving it. 


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