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Part 1: City Government

The city council governs the city of Houston. This council has several powers among them passing legislations called ordinances. The laws range from several matters ranging from the protection of the cities resources to the expenditure of the town. On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, the council passed an ordinance that appropriated $25,000.00 out of Parks and Recreation Dedication Fund (Ortega, Pg.5). The meeting was presided over by Mayor Annise Parker, with the presence of nineteen Council Members (Ortega, Pg.5). The appropriation was an additional provision to an Inter-local agreement between the City and the Houston Parks Board LGC, INC. The fund was meant for construction of improvements to Avenue Place Park (Ortega, Pg.5). The first amendment to Inter-local Agreement between the City and the Houston Parks Board LGC, INC for construction of improvements to Avenue Place Park was presented by Councilman Edward Gonzalez from District H. The council members present deliberated on the issue and then took a vote (Ortega, Pg.5). All the members voted to the affirmative, and there wasn’t any Council member who opposed the ordinance; all voted aye, nays none. After the popular vote, the law was adopted, and it was labeled ORDINANCE 2015-0164 ADOPTED (Ortega, Pg.5). The ordinance is necessary for the enhancement of recreation facilities in the city. These facilities are a necessity to the city residents.

  • Part 2: County Government

The County Commissioners Court is the governing body in the county of Harris County, Texas. This Court is headed by Ed Emmett, who is the County Judge. The court has other four members referred to as commissioners. As the Houston city council, the court carries several powers which include the legislation on matters that relate to the betterment of the county’s residents (Stanart, Pg.7). However, the court has limited legislation powers that the city council. This limitation is extended to the expenditures of the court. The court has to seek the approval from the relevant governing body before spending any money. On Tuesday February 10, 2015 the Commissioners Court met to deliberate on the agenda established (Stanart, Pg.7). Among the agendas deliberated is the item number 5 in the department of public infrastructure, under Flood Control District (Stanart, Pg.7). The item was a recommendation that the County Judge and appropriate officials execute the contract and bonds when the contractor fully executes them, and that the award be made to Trans-Global Solutions, Inc., in the amount of $11,527,663 for Brays Bayou channel modifications from Lid stone to Calhoun in Precincts 1 and 2 (UPIN 030900D1E004) (Stanart, Pg.7). This rulemaking is different from that of the city council, in that the Commissioner Court waits for the approval of the relevant body in order to spend the stated amount. The City Council would have deliberated on the issue, and either passes on reject the agenda item with finality.

  • Part 3: Property Tax Bills of the Rich and Famous

The Harris County Appraisal Department offers a website that would allow the search of the record that relates to properties. The site hosts a database that carries the details pertaining to the property sought (Harris County Appraisal District).  Examples of the properties of some prominent Houstonians:

Account Number Owner Name Property Address Zip Impr Sq Ft Market Value Appraised Value
_530390000024 Crane James R 1314 South Blvd 77006 15,987 $6,129,575 $6,129,575
_0963370000005 Berkman Lance & Cara 5 Farnham Park Dr 77024 10,138 $2,823,448 $2,823,448
_0601370010001 Bob Mc Nair 1807 River Oaks 77019 12,124 $10,517,400 $9,168,830
_1206380010019 Clyde “The Glide” Drexler 11635 Versailles Lakes Ln 77082 6,429 $1,690,632 $1,690,632
_0670730000008 George Bush 9 S West Oak Dr 77056 6,263 $1,625,020 $1,625,020
_0601340000006 Carolyn Farb 1814 Larchmont Rd 77019 6,725 $2,400,000 $2,400,000
_1192480010025 Andy Pettitte 221 E. Lawther Dr 77536 12,425 $1,103,249 $847,698
_1168990000001 Roger (W Roger) Clemens 11535 Quail Hollow 77024 19,021 $5,500,000 $4,884,000
_0601630940007 Joe Jamail 3682 Willowick 77019 13,757 $10,317,465 $9,267,769
_1208350010005 Dave Ward 5403 Broad Oaks Park 77056 5,126 $1,515,000 $1,515,000
_0370340000003 Annise Parker 428 Westmoreland Street 77006 4,386 $784,200 $683,980
_0601620920004 Tilman Fertitta 3800 Willowick 77019 25,548 $17,000,000 $16,467,000
_1169280000004 Chris Pappas 7 Patrick Ct 77024 5,973 $1,700,900 $1,475,430
_0601190070011 Rusty Hardin 2740 Barbara Ln 77005 4,268 $1,396,695 $1,396,695
_0451750030003 Vincent “Vinny Ocean” Palermo 9105 Memorial Drive 77024 6,332 $2,663,146 $2,359,896

(Harris County Appraisal District)

Works Cited

Harris County Appraisal District,. ‘HCAD Record Search’. N.p., 2015. 28 Mar. 2015.

Ortega, Stella. Minutes: Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Houston City Council Meeting. 1st ed. Houston, Texas: Houston, Texas City Council, 2015. 28 Mar. 2015.

Stanart, Stan. Notice Of A Public Meeting. 1st ed. Houston, Texas: Harris County, Texas Commissioners Court Agenda, 2015. 28 Mar. 2015.

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