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An essay is an essential learning tool in higher education. Before you clear college, you will probably have to write several essays. College essays are crucial as course tutor use them to assess the personality of the student, something that test scores or grades cannot reveal. College students write essays for various purposes. One reason is that essays heighten your understanding of a particular field of study, and they are a critical tool for evaluating your progress. An excellent article does not only show the admission officers who you are but also it demonstrates your writing skills. Thus, writing college essays is mandatory as the assignments help the students develop vital life skills.

For college students, the majority are those who see essay writing as a challenging endeavor. That is because writing persuasive essays calls for utmost dedication. Essays have diverse roles as there are different academic disciplines.

What the course tutors want

Lecturers say that students get low grades because they fail to answer the question as per expectations. One may fail to answer the question asked because they may feel that it is difficult. Another reason is that the student may not know how to respond to the question adequately. All the same, the truth is that few students possess argumentation and explanation skills. So, whenever you have an essay project to complete, answering the question is the most critical element.

In a nutshell, to convince your tutor, do the following:

  • Respond to the question.
  • Show that you have understood the subject critically.
  • Present your argument in an academic style.
  • Write the essay with competency.

Deciding on the topic for your college essay

Please keep in mind that essays address a given problem. You might come across textbooks that suggest the topic is the same thing as the subject of the essay, which is not entirely accurate. Essentially, the subject tells the readers what the essay is about. It is similar to labeling an item, such as an item. On the other hand, the topic of the essay gives an opinion on the subject. Simply stated, the topic states the views of the writer on the subject. Therefore, the best way of coming up with a persuasive topic is by asking yourself questions that require you to give your perspective or position. For example, you could ask yourself; what is my opinion on this subject?

Choosing a thesis statement

You must present a rational argument when writing a college essay. The form of argument is different from the usual disagreement that people often engage in. Rather, it is a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood. When constructing a college essay, you need to show a logical argument or a line of reasoning. The argument ought to address the topic of the essay as well as answer the question.

The argument consists of at least three elements: a claim for your argument, a reason supporting the claim and evidence showing the relationship between the claim and the reason. In academic writing, an excellent essay has at least these two components, which are used to support the statement of the thesis.

  • Reasoning. Here, the writer presents their ideas logically.
  • Evidence. The author gathers information to substantiate the ideas stated.

The trick to distinguishing yourself from students whose essay are a mere collection of facts is creating sharp and clear thesis statement. Also, remember to support your thesis statement with logical arguments, and sustain your arguments with hard facts. Getting started on your college essay

It may surprise some of you, but you can hardly write an excellent essay by jumping right into the writing phase. When it comes to writing your essay, do not rush. It is hard to create a weighty paper without proper planning and preparation.

Even so, you may find that you are stuck when writing the introduction chapter of your assignment. You may find that putting the words together to make a paragraph is an enormous task. That is not the only problem; procrastination is another challenge to beat. Some students will spend eternity in the introduction part without progressing any further while others will put off the moment to do other things. The truth is that even expert in the field experience writer's block. In fact, even the best writers acknowledge that the rough part when writing a college essay is starting. You may put off your essay to do other things or simply because of procrastination, but to make progress you must be dedicated.

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