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  1. What about the company (structure, features, policies, practices, reward system, culture, management style) is stifling creativity and supports creativity at CoolBurst?

CoolBurst is a renowned juice producing company that has an in-depth value for its traditional culture, which ironically does not embrace innovation irrespective of the situation affecting the business. The company’s entire context pushes it to undermine creativity and innovation due to its perception of maximizing control as well as production. This is evident because the former CEO’s namely Carol Velez and Sam Jenkins adhered to the company’s culture, which led them to dismiss the need for learning and innovation. This failure deprived the company its market share because lack of innovation led to the company’s failure of aligning with the changing needs and trends of its customers. In this regard, CoolBurst’s culture, structure, practices, policies, management style and reward system are key factors that halt motivation and creative innovation.

  1. What changes are needed to make CoolBurst a learning and innovative organization?

The main aspect of success that CoolBurst lacks is innovation and motivation, which are extremely essential in the organization’s progress. This means that the organization needs to strategize on achieving these two crucial aspects that will be attained through its leader’s clear vision. Having a clear vision will assist the company to comprehend the consumers and the employees, who form the basic platform of the organization’s success. Understanding the employees means that the organization will enhance internal communication, recruit proficient workforce as well as implement a reward system. This will foster creative thinking as well as expertise and eventually innovation will be realized. On another note, understanding customers or the market ensures that the organization reviews its brand by applying the implemented innovation, which in turn ensures that the new product meet the changing tastes and the consumers’ preferences. More so, understanding the consumers will push the juice drink producing company to review its marketing strategies among other relevant strategies. In this regard, the drinks produced in the company ends up meeting the right target market conveniently; hence, ensuring that the product attains a positive market position. Therefore, understanding the employees and the consumers forms the basic platform that grants room for learning and innovation, which in return enhances the organizations chances of success.

  1. What will Luisa Reboredo, as the new CEO, need to do in order to successfully implement these changes that you discussed in question 2 above?”

Luisa Reboredo is CoolBurst’s current CEO, and she bears the prime obligation of transforming the company from traditional restrictive organization into a learning and innovative company, an aspect that the two former CEO’s failed to realize. In this respect, Luisa Reboredo has to refute the organization’s traditional structure, mission, culture, policies, reward system and the management style and instead embrace the modern learning and innovative system. The CEO will achieve this by simply creating room for good ideas and implementing motivational strategies for her employees. Therefore, the newly appointed CEO bears the company’s heavy load of transformation by adjusting the existing culture of command and excessive dominance to a more flexible environment that embraces new ideas and different perspective of doing things. This step will significantly transform the organization from its dormant performance towards a more innovative, productive and successful company.


Wetlaufer, Suzy. (1997). What’s stifling creativity at CoolBurst? Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct, 36-51


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