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Credit Unions based in Georgia Atlanta play significant roles in improving the financial safety of its affiliates and to positively impact the people it serves. These roles are different and very vital in every aspect of the community. Among them is the provision of scholarships to the needy students through which they are able to acquire different success-oriented skills. Below is an elaborate discussion of the roles of Georgia Atlanta Credit Unions and how a scholarship, such as a business economics one, may impact positively on my future.

According to, the first role of the Atlanta Credit Unions is to seal a significant gap in the provision of monetary services to their affiliates. As the credit union membership dictates, all members must have a share or a deposit account with the union. The unions mobilize the most percentage of the shares and deposits of the present financial savings. The unions occupy a unique gap by focusing the mobilized reserves back to their affiliates and to the society as a whole in the form of credits for investment and expenditure.

The second role played by Atlanta credit unions is to assist its subscribers to access loans with ease. All what is required is to become a member and save some amount with the union and thus become eligible for a loan. This way, members are able to startup businesses, grow their businesses by pumping some more capital and attending to any other economic business adventures. The other role played by the Atlanta Credit Unions is the provision of scholarships to the needy students as a way of giving back to the community.

The provision of this scholarship would positively impact my life in different ways. First, the scholarship will help me sharpen my aptitude to analytically evaluate information, offer meticulous and well-structured opinions and turn me into a more assertive team player. Second, will equip me with problem-solving skills, numerical skills, computer skills and the ability to perform either in a group or alone.

Third, the skills are very transferable enabling me to branch into different fields such as teaching, research, public sector management, investment banking and working with charity organizations. Fourth, the scholarship will aid me in building models which offer awareness into the actual world and enrich my aptitude to evaluate these prototypes on the foundation of their conventions. Fifth, the scholarship will help me in utilizing and developing critical and evaluative expertise that would help in providing solutions to real life problems. Sixth, the scholarship will sharpen my cognitive skills and make me better at solving problems and managing day-to-day decisions.

In conclusion, Atlanta Trade Unions plays a vital role in providing scholarships to the needy students as a way of giving back to the community. Through these scholarships, students are transformed into all-rounded individuals who have a variety of skills in solving problems and reaching the most productive decisions pertaining to the current business and community issues.


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