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There is a variety of academic assignments that students have to write while they reach higher learning levels. One of the papers that students have to write is a critical essay. A critical article is quite different from argumentative or a narrative essay. In this type of academic assignment, a student is expected to analyze a particular text; it could be a book, play, or film or an article. For instance, one could focus on the tone of a text when analyzing a book. If it is a film, a writer may center on a symbol used in a particular film. All the same, a conclusive critical essay must feature a strong argumentative thesis and evidence to help back up your claims.

Thus, writing a critical essay involves presenting your thoughts in a manner that is engaging and coherent. In your essay, you are supposed to present a rational argument, support or negate the given topic. Furthermore, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the topic. We have compiled some basic concepts that come in handy when writing a critical essay. Follow these guidelines to come up with a winning piece of writing. The best sources include books, newspaper articles, magazine articles, articles featured in scholarly journals.

Understanding the assignment

Before you start on the essay, first understand the nature of your assignment. To do this, you must go through the assignment as soon as the course tutor assigns the task. At this point, just read the guidelines for the paper carefully and also outline sections that you do not comprehend. If the instructions given are not clear, talk to your teacher for clarifications. Next, you have to read your sources critically. In a critical assignment, the primary requirement is that you analyze a particular movie, book, painting or article. To do this, you must read the text you are hoping to examine thoroughly. So, you will have to read the text exhaustively and if you are dealing with a piece of art or film, watch it multiple times. Do not forget to take some notes as you do the reading. You might want to highlight the main ideas of the text and its purpose. If your professor wants you to include secondary sources, you have to undertake some research. As an author, only use credible sources for your academic assignment.

Selecting a topic

Your professor may give a topic, or they may ask you to construct one. They may want you to critique a particular text from another source, such as a book or an article. Therefore, ensure that you read the material carefully. At times, you will have to read the text more than once before you can do a proper analysis. After you have read the text thoroughly, jot down the key points. Also, when choosing a topic, go for a topic that you can manage. For instance, an issue that you can discuss using a few fundamental arguments is ideal. After selecting the topic, start your essay with an introduction, which is a short description of your topic.

Drafting your paper

You should begin your critical essay with an introduction, which is a brief description of your topic. The introduction should highlight the primary idea of the paper. The introduction is the preview of your critical essay.

The next thing is developing a thesis for your paper. Essentially, the thesis statement is the fundamental argument of your essay. In fact, you should base your entire article on the statement of the thesis. A powerful thesis statement gives precise details about the argument and topic of the author.

When you get to draft the body of your critical essay, focus on arguments that substantiate your thesis statement. Use empirical evidence to establish that your claims are valid. Also, when comparing two literal works, highlight the similarities and differences. Focus on persuasive arguments and evidence that forms the basis of the thesis.

Lastly, include a brief conclusion for your critical essay. The conclusion is a summary of the ideas you stated in your text. You can do this in several ways:

  • Include a summary of the key ideas of the essay.
  • Include a call to action for your reader.
  • Discuss if the topic of the essay affects the reader

Try our critical essay writing services

By writing critical essays, students enhance their analytical skills. To critique a text, a student has to state their thoughts about the topic, understand the meaning of the text, as well as highlight the key issues. For you to perform well in a critical essay assignment, you must have strong writing skills, read on source materials exhaustively and reference the paper appropriately. Also, they must be capable of presenting arguments that are thoughtful and coherent.

Many students find this procedure tiresome and demanding, especially those who lack academic writing experience. Others are willing to do the assignment, but they do not have enough time work on the project, or they have additional commitments. Whatever reason you may have for not being able to write the assignment, our company is ready to hear you out. We are a custom writing business that extends a range of academic writing services, including term papers, research papers, critical essays, and book reviews. If you have a problem preparing a critical article, do not waste any more time with an assignment you will probably not complete in time. Try our academic writing services and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

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