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In the modern world, people are caught up by work and realize that there is not much time to accomplish all the goals that they have set. Many people are caught up between work, commuting from one place to another, family responsibilities and duties around the house. As a result, people find that they get inadequate hours of sleep which can be very dangerous to the overall health of an individual. Sleep deprivation can cause individuals to develop poor physical and mental health. It is therefore important for people to get enough sleep and focus on being more active during the day rather than sleeping for few hours and performing poorly in between naps (Lichstien, 45). It is important to note is that different people need different hours of sleep. For instance, infants can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Teenagers on the other hand need an average of nine hours of sleep every day. Many adults will do well with an average of eight hours of sleep every day depending on the amount of work that they do. While some people need less than eight hours of sleep others may require as much as 10 hours of sleep (Lichstein, 23). Drowsiness at any time of the day is a sign of inadequate sleep.

Inadequate sleep causes poor memory. People who have very few hours of sleep often find difficulty recollecting many things. As a result, they may end up messing up many things. Adequate sleep helps in the formation of alignments between the brain cells hence improving the memory. Sleep deprivation can also cause individuals to experience difficulty in paying attention to something. It is also hard for a sleepy person to concentrate on something (McMeil,Eric & Jean-Philippe, 103-105). However, it is common to find people in need of sleep overestimating their performance and refusing to catch on some sleep. Research into the effects of sleep has led the way to the realization that lack of sleep causes an increase of the blood pressure. For the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels, it is good that people develop a habit of having enough sleep. Sleep deprivation comes in the way of creativity and innovation. Many sleepy people are not in the right state to come up with anything productive as the body and mind are tired. Lack of sleep causes an individual to feel stressed. Simple things that one would do in their normal state suddenly feel like very overwhelming responsibilities. Situations that can be easily solved also make one to feel desperate and stressed.

Poor sleeping habits make a person pessimistic, easily irritable and unsociable. People who have not had enough sleep can be very annoying. Their conversations are mostly negative and they also get angry very quickly. In this way, they repel people and keep away any attempts to socialize. According to research, inadequate sleep augments the processing of pleasure response from the brain, hence compelling one to consume more food than usual (Knutson, 363-369). The drive to keep on eating or biting on something becomes so strong that people end up over eating. Among the things that increase the risk of heart attacks is the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep causes inflammations that prompt the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Lack of adequate sleep has many negative effects as described. Individuals need to be aware of the dangers of sleep deprivation and work towards getting as much sleep as possible. Most people also find that they are most productive after sleeping well. Drowsiness can also cause serious problems including accidents on the road. To ensure the safety of individuals and the society at large, adequate sleep is paramount.


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