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Use this case study in combination with the Case Study 2 – AA Spouse Depression.xlsx

A study in 2005 was conducted to determine whether there was a difference in the depression of women and men who were participating in Alcoholics Anonymous program as well as whether the presence of their spouses at the meetings had a relationship on their depression score.

One-hundred-ninety-six men and women participated in the study, and their depression scores after 30 days and 180 days were captured using a depression inventory on which lower scores represented lesser depression. The score range on the instrument is 3 to 24.

The data are contained in the file “Case Study 2 – AA Spouse Depression.csv.” You will perform a set of analyses on the data with the file, and then interpret the results to indicate your findings. The column Spouse Present indicates whether the participant was enrolled in an AA program that encouraged spouses to attend (1) or did not allow others except the participant to attend meetings (called closed meetings). In addition, the age and urban or rural residence of the participant is shown. All participants are married whether their spouse attended or not.

1) Prepare a table of the data using the following template.

Sex Mean Depression

Score, 30 days (sd)

Mean Depression Score, 180 days (sd)

Mean Age, (sd)


Attended with spouse

Attended without spouse


Attended with spouse

Attended without spouse

Based on this information alone, what conclusions can you state?

2) Which group had the most variation in depression scores at 30 days, men or women? Did this change at 180 days?

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