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Module 5 Assignment

In this assignment you will build a logistic regression model to explain and to predict. First, you build a model to assess if on-campus living increases the odds for of gradation within 5 years. Then you use the model to predict whether a student graduates.

For background information read the article attached page 1-8. Pages 14-23 may help you to understand prediction analysis.

When creating your report, you should:

Explaining:Review the dependent variable GRAD-BUS5.Using all data run a model in JMP with GRAD-BUS5 as the outcome variable (Y) and OnCampus as independent variable (X). Interpret result with respect to the factor OnCampus. Evaluate each of the predictors to assess outliers, missing values, data type and necessary binning. Bin predictors as necessary. Using all data build a model that includes OnCampus and any other predictor that should be in the model.Interpret result with respect to the factor OnCampus again. Prediction: To build a prediction model first create a validation column using a random split 70% training and 30% validation. Build a model to predict graduation using the training set.Obtain all the metrics for the validation set: Error, confusion matrix, ROC and Lift curve. Use the spreadsheet provided in the assignment to provide the confusion matrix for the validation set in the appendix. You can cut and past the information from JMP and then copy the confusion matrix into the appendix of the report.Report and interpret sensitivity, specificity, false positive and false negative rate, overall error rate.Add the ROC and Lift curve in the appendix and interpret them in your report.In your conclusion explain if OnCampus living improving 5-Year graduation rates. Provide strengths and weaknesses of the model for prediction.

Prepare the report using the following formatting guidelines:1 page, single-spaced report using 0.5 margins and two-column and portrait format (column width between 3.5′-3.6)1 page for the appendixInclude title of report, then FirstName, LastName, ISDS course #, Assignment #, date (00/00/00) in the header as in the sample assignment. 10 pt Font Calibri or Times New RomanJustified as sample reportCreate headings for each sectionList any references used (e.g. Module 1 Resources)Include a title for your report e.g. “Text Analysis of ….” and create headings for each sectionInclude supporting relevant figures from the analysis in your AppendixSubmit as pdf only with filename first name initial last name and assignment number (for instance HSchneider#1)

Be sure to review the Assignment Rubric and Assignment 5 Example attached below

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