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Consider the historical activities presented in the readings and videos this week. (Links are below)

Identify two particular events of interest to you, and explore these events in depth. You may find further information in the University Library databases or outside websites.

Write a 300- to 350-word journal entry for each historical event and describe why these events pique your interest. APA format, include a minimum if 2 references and also include a conclusion.

Include an image or link to support the information for each of your two journal entries. Films Media Group (2006). American History: Massacre of Native Americans (03:39) From Title: The Sand Creek Massacre: Seven Hours that Changed American History. Films Media Group (2008). Freeman or Freedmen (00:57) From Title: African-American Lives 2: A Way Out of No Way. Films Media Group (1996). Populists: Elections of 1892 and 1896 (06:35) From Title: A Third Choice. Films Media Group (1999). Reservation Reality (02:01) From Title: Sacred Spirit: The Lakota Sioux, Past and Present.

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