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The goal of this project is to use some of the statistical methods and concepts we have discussed in class to investigate a topic of your choosing. Remember, this project is in place of the final exam and incorporates your original semester project as well, it is very important that you do a sufficient job as it counts for 25% of your final course grade. You must dedicate enough time to your sampling methods, your analysis, and the write-up of your findings, to ensure you are successful on this assignment. Only college level work will earn full credit. This means your project must be clear and organized. It should be evident that you spent sufficient time on it, and did not just throw it together in the last minute. It should show your understanding of the statistical methods presented in the course.

You will be investigating an original question and claim that will require you to collect and analyze data; ultimately performing a confidence interval and hypothesis test.

Part 1:

Your first task is to think of a topic you would like to investigate. There is literally no end to what you can explore, however, give consideration as to what the data collection process will look like (part 2). It is important to make this a doable task. If you cannot collect good-random data, then you should choose a different topic.

Here are some examples of what you can explore:  Is there a difference among men and women and their wanting to have kids?  Is the average number of units attempted by other students your age at SAC less than what you are taking?  Do more than half of the students at SAC receive financial aid?  Is the average number of chocolate chips in your favorite type of chocolate chip cookie greater than 15?  Are people more likely to run red lights in the morning than in the evening?  When eating a meal, do people usually eat more than the recommended serving size?  When you purchase an item with cash, is the change you get back likely to be more than $0.50?  ….. As you can imagine, the list is endless. Come up with an idea that sounds good to you (it does not have to be off the list above… in fact I’d like to see what’s on your mind). MOST IMPORTANT, do not overcomplicate things. Do not choose something that is too hard to collect data on, as it will compromise your results. It is better to do a great job on a basic idea than it is to do a poor job on an over-the-top idea.

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