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Polygamy can be divided into three distinct forms, Polygyny, polyandry, or group marriage. In polygyny, a man has more than one wife, in polyandry, is centered on the woman whereby she has multiple husbands, and lastly grouped marriage, here there are a number of husbands and wives The last two are not quite common as compared to polygyny (Jacobson 3). The above forms of marriages have both the benefits and the disadvantages.

Polygamy should be legalized in all the 50 states for the following reasons. It is quite beneficial to the family members in a number of ways, these include economic benefits this is seen in the fact that the members pool their resources together and support each other. During family financial crisis, in the part of one of the marriage members, the rest of the members can chip and offer their financial support (Zeitzen 23).

In the case where one of the members is infertile, Polygamy will ensure that the other partner bear children for the family and therefore completes the family. This will give a chance to the infertile party to be part and parcel of children’s life of the family as raising them will be the responsibility of all the members.

Sex is a major component of marriage, at some point a partner, either the wife or the husband may fail to satisfy the other partners’ sexual needs. This can lead to unfaithfulness. But if polygamy is legalized, one can get sexual satisfaction from the other member of the marriage. This leads to transparency and honesty leading to a stable marriage where every member benefits. With the current wave of unfaithfulness in marriages and the mistress sagas, polygamy can keep people at check. Instead of going outside their marriages for sexual pleasure they can do in their marriage legally (Jacobson 12).

As much as polygamy seems to have a variety of benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Human beings have a tendency to feel jealous of a person if they are better at something than them (Zeitzen 23). This can also happen in a polygamy marriage setting. The likely hood of finding a polygamy family in which the members are compatible and move along fine is quite low. There will be a lot of misunderstanding and quarrels.

The various partners in the Marriage might end up being unfaithful still. This can lead to sexually transmitted disease going round all the members if acquired by any one of the partners. Financial; strain on the resources.

It is inhuman to women. Women have a tendency to protect and care for their man. They won’t appreciate sharing a man with other women. It will be oppressive on their parts. On the other hand, Polygamy to men is all about sex, nothing more. It is biblically wrong. Marriage is designed to be a one man one woman bond. In this way, it is the fulfillment of Gods will to avoid adultery. Going against this is defying the Bible which is the basis of Morality for all Christians (Jacobson 45).

Therefore, polygamy should not be legalized in the 50 states as it has quite a lot of disadvantages that will ruin the current society, including oppression to women, sexually transmitted diseases, and most important it is against the Gods wish which is the basis of Christian’s faith and Morality.

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Cultural and Legal Issues. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011. Print.

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