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The Radio Frequency Identification Tags

Radio frequency identification is a form transfer of data wirelessly using electromagnetic field. This technology is used to find and track tagged objects. These RFID are improvised to be as simple and little as possible. The RFID have two major components. These are; electronic circuitry and the antenna.

Electronic circuitries are electronics that are fixed with RFID are normally made as small as possible in order to minimize the power and cost levels and for portability too. RFID have antenna fitted within them and it is basically the largest part of the electronic. The antenna operates efficiently on the operational frequency. The frequencies should be high in relation to low wavelengths. This condition enables the antenna to function efficiently with such frequencies. A good example is the microwave and UHF.

The RFID tags can be made into different forms. They can however be categorized into three major groups, these are; passive, semi-passive and active. The passive tags are the most known and most common form of RFID tags. They receive power from the RFID readers as they do not have their own power. The reader contains enough power to power up any RFID tag device. Examples of passive RFID devices are the smart tags and smart levels.

Semi-passive RFID tags are fitted with a battery for the tag’s operation. It however depends on the RFID reader for the transmission of the signal.

Lastly, the active RFID tags contain battery power which is used to power electronics. This ensures that quite a large distance is achieved since the tags are independent of the receiving power to produce a back signal. The circuits used in processing and controlling can also be improvised.

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