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The Literary element is the relationship between a father and a Son as a theme. Troy’s bitterness affects his relationship with his sons. The two sons are Cory and Lyons who is a son from a previous marriage. Lyon’s came back home to ask Troy (the father) to lend him with ten dollars. Lyon is a musician by ritual and idea rather that practicing music. Lyons believed that he would not get a decent job. Troy tried to get Lyon a rubbish job but he did not want it. Lyon says that he cannot carry people’s rubbish and says that isn’t for him. Troy terms this as laziness. Troy says that Lyon is too lazy to work since the ten dollars loan he wants came from the same rubbish that he does not want to work for.

Troy tells Lyon that he does not have what the father has because he is lazy. The relationship between Troy and Lyon is not as good hence the talk between the father and son. The fact that Lyon is from a previous marriage is reason as to why Troy finds it difficult to lend Lyon the ten dollars. The relationship between a father and a son determines how a son will be ushered to work. Lyon was persistent in borrowing money from Troy and eventually he succeeded. Troy gave Lyon even though he aware that Lyon would not refund. The father-son relationship played a key role since if it was otherwise Troy would not give the money another person if it is not his son.

The attitude towards work is to a great extent created by a father as seen in the case of Lyon and Cory. In Cory’s case, Troy had planned it in a way that they would cut the fence on Saturdays. Cory has chores that he expected by his father Troy to carry out like putting up the fence and cutting the boards. Troy believes that Cory should be working at A$ P or else he should learn to fix cars or build houses. Instead Cory had foregone the A$P job for football sessions. Cory had permission from Mr Stawicki until the football session was over (Wilson).

The relationship between Troy and Cory assisted Cory in setting his priorities on the job to handle. Cory had A$P, putting up the fence, cutting the boards and other chores top carryout on the weekends and the football sessions. The football sessions were not of any essence to Troy. Troy’s presumption is that any coloured man would never make it in the football sport. While Troy was young he would play baseball and he did not make it up the ladder due to racism. On the other hand Cory believed that Troy having been before him he would help him to overcome the challenges. Cory believed his relationship with his father would help him overcome the challenges of racism in football.

Troy wanted the sons to achieve more than he had. His intention was to have his sons lead better lives than he did. This would give Troy satisfaction as a father. A father-son relationship in Fences plays has clearly brought out the fact that Lyon and Cory’s career life is dependent on Troy. It is evidenced by Lyon going back home to borrow Toy money despite the uncertainty. On the other hand, Cory had to go back home after the football sessions to carry out his chores despite the fact that Troy scheduled for putting up the fence and it failed, Cory never have back.


Wilson, August. Fences: A Play. New York: New American Library, 1986. Print.

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