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  1. Leadership Style and Motivational Skill

Leadership is a key requirement for a company to achieve competitive advantage over their competitive advantage. Branson incorporated both democratic and Laissez-faire leadership styles in his management practices. Under Branson leadership the employees enjoy a lot of freedom in how they do their work, the employees are involved in decision-making but ultimately the strategic decisions are made by top management. Leaders are evaluated depending on their personality and their position in the firm; Branson was a good leader both strategically and personally. Branson, through his charismatic personality, applied down to earth leadership style. This style is characterized by using common sense or simple strategies, as well as openness. Through this, the employees are highly motivated. Branson acknowledges the diversity of cultures and that different cultures are influenced differently. For this reason, different motivational systems are developed to capture cultural diversity, and appropriate rewarding systems are designed and developed. Different studies indicate that the greatest competitive advantage global companies in the twenty-first century can have is effective global leaders. This competitive challenge is not easy to meet. People tend to rise to leadership positions by proving themselves able to lead in their home, country corporate culture and meeting the accepted behaviors of that’s national culture. Sir Richard is famous for his team building skills and consultative approach in day-to-day business.

  1. The Transformation and Future Prospects of a Company in Global Markets

The current global business environment demands strong leadership for the success of a global company. Strong leadership is built on essential skills that are based on creative thinking and visionary attitude. Sir Richard Branson, through his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, has demonstrated an overall commitment to the world. He has guided investment that have tirelessly helped the developing the energy sources that are environmental friendly. That is to say, the energy sources being exploited under Branson leadership have no or negligible effect on global warming. Such investments are made through development of decisions, goals and strategies that satisfy all the parties involved or affected by the investments. Global companies should follow the dynamics of the market. For instance, Branson leadership has developed big family culture that is a good motivator for employees. This in turn helps the Virgin group to achieve its major goals; customer service is the utmost priority. Although Branson is seen as an opportunist in a strategist market, his methods are very rewarding for global companies.

  1. Renewable Energy Sources

Global warming is a significant global challenge. Despite the numerous debates and discussions few global efforts are seen. However, Sir Richard’s pledge towards renewable sources of energy is a good example of a global effort that should be emulated by other global leaders. Investments amounting to more than three billion dollars have been made globally under Sir Richard. However, a debate arises whether these investments are charity entirely or they have a profitability aspect. The investments are not purely charity. The reason is that every global company has the responsibility to make the world’s environment better. It through a better or cleans environment that business flourish. Additionally, through corporate social responsibility companies can improve their image, which might be an auxiliary objective of Sir Richard pledge.

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