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Test if a sample of people are significantly different in height from national averages. Adult male heights have a population mean of μ=70 inches with a standard deviation of σ=4 inches. Adult females are on average a bit shorter and less variable in height with a mean of μ=65 inches and standard deviation of σ=3.5 inches. Use those parameters to check whether a sample of n=10 males or n=10 females significantly differ from the population average. You may choose any sample of people you like (i.e., family members, random strangers, NBA players, etc.).

Use an alpha level of .05, with a two-tailed test (unless you have a specific reason to use a one-tailed test).List your null and alternative hypotheses.Run the hypothesis test.Indicate your critical value(s) of z from the unit normal tableIndicate your standard error and test statistic (Zcalc)State your conclusion based on the hypotheses from #1.

3. Calculate and interpret estimated Cohen’s d as a measure of effect size.

Extra Credit (up to 5 points)Imagine a friend asked you to interpret these results for them. How would you explain what these results mean to someone who has never taken a statistics course, so that they can have a basic understanding of your findings? Write 2-3 sentences, minimum, describing how this hypothesis test was conducted, being sure to touch upon the concepts of normality and error.

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