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Discuss how social behaviors displayed during face-to-face interactions affect the practice of your medical occupational specialty on a daily basis. Your analysis should include:Four face-to-face social behaviors and/or interactions experienced in your daily work.Examples from the literature or from personal experience that illustrate how those behaviors influence patient care or leadership practices.A discussion of their impact, i.e., how being capable of analyzing patterns of behavior help you to model leadership in your occupation through developing trusting relationships and establishing respect with peers and/or patients.

You may illustrate your response with actual or hypothetical situations. Any actual situation should be presented as a hypothetical one, with any names and other identifying information changed for anonymity.

The following requirements apply to this assignment:2–4 pages in length, excluding any title page, references, appendices, etc.Logical flow from beginning to end to exhibit well-ordered and unified expression, with your viewpoint and purpose clearly established and sustained throughout the document.Original and insightful thought.Seamlessly integrate research to support your ideas on the topic.Adherence to established conventions of Standard English, e.g., correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.Adherence to APA formattingInclusion of a title page.Inclusion of a reference page, as appropriate.

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