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The most influential person in my life is my uncle James. He is the second born from my mom’s family side. My mom is older than him, but whenever talking, he presents himself as being older than her. The situation is attributed to the fact that he is the elder boy of the family, and my mom married a long time again when he was still at school. When I was a kid, I remember nostalgically that he liked buying me toys every time he came visiting. My mom used to call him Jim, a name he refused when he got of age. He is just wonderful, always kind and jovial. In fact, I have never seen him angry. I do not know whether he pretends to be happy when angry or he is ever happy naturally. 

I fell fond of him when I was a toddler and today; he is the most influential person in my life. At age five, I already had known how to ride a bicycle. He was my riding coach during the summer of my age five. When I was nine years of age, I remember he came to my rescue when some boys of my age ranged against me to take away my bicycle. He hurriedly scared them off and gave a warning that it will be tough on them the next time they try such an act against me. Up to today, I remember that incidence as if it took place yesterday. 

At that time, he was in his final year in the University of California, but I could not comprehend the course he was pursuing. All what I knew was that my uncle James was in the University of California. Not until I was of age that I came to know that he was pursuing a bachelor degree in business management. I could now perfectly understand why he liked reading business-oriented books. More so when he came visiting, the only part that was of his interest on the newspapers was the business column. He disliked politics fully evident from a certain time when my mom turned the TV to listen to the presidential debate. He simply picked a newspaper, walked out slowly, sat beside the lawn and started to read. 

This man inspires me with all his charisma and the way he does his things. Whenever there is a quarrel among his peers, he is called upon to provide solutions. If he cannot seem to provide a solution, the case is taken to the next level that requires legal intervention. He possesses good judgment skills through applying critical skills. The first time I heard the name critical thinking was from him, the time he reading a guide on how to think critically. I also attribute my hobbies to him. When he came visiting, he used to read extensively. After getting bored of reading, he could take a ride for some distance and resume reading thereafter. Some days, he used to go swimming and could take me with him. Others, he could listen to cool music before resuming reading. As fate would have it, all those are my hobbies. I like riding, reading novels, swimming and listening to cool music.      

During his graduation time, I had accompanied my parents to the event. It was a colorful event seeing him in a gown and a hood. I wished that I could be the one in his position. I remember asking him how much it cost to wear those attires. He smiled at me and said that all it requires to be in those attires is handwork in education and determination. From that day onwards, I became motivated that one day I will make it to the university. This is so because I want to be an inspiration to my little sister and brother. I want to set a good example for them to follow. Surely, if it were not for my uncle James, I wouldn’t be putting more effort in education. This is the reason I work hard to one day inspire others. 

For sure, my uncle James is so influential to me. Whenever we met, he talked to me about making it in education for a better life. I remember when he graduated, he told me that I should be disciplined in carrying out my endeavors so as to realize the dream of many people. When I seemed not to understand what he meant, I asked for further clarification. He smiled at me and said that the dream of many has a well-paying job, a nice car, and a beautiful house. This, he told me, can only be realized through two things. The first thing was luck, and the second was working hard in education. To add on that, he told me that the education is the only sure way of making it to the dream. Having told me this, I made a promise to him that I will be working hard as much as possible. I thus became twice motivated to working hard in education. The aim of working hard is not to compete with my classmates, but to better my future life, and fulfill the promise I made to my uncle. 

The day came when he secured a job with GP Morgan bank as a branch manager. It was the happiest day of his life. This was one year after he graduated from California University, and that was the moment he was eagerly waiting for to come. Now that it has presented itself, he had to seize that opportunity and utilize it maximally. I remember when he came home to bring the good news to my mom, he was all smiles. He took some time to remind me of the promise I made to him and insisted that I must conquer. At that time, he told me that the fulfillment of his dreams had just begun. I remember clearly that after he left, I could not concentrate on my studies. I was just wondering whether I will make to the dream as I had promised him. During that night, my mind couldn’t rest. I was imaging myself at the start point of realizing my dreams just like my uncle James.   

After two years of employment, the fruits of his labor had started to show. My uncle was able to buy a car and had owned a home under the mortgage plan. For me, this was a dream come true and owning a beautiful home, and a nice car could just be enough. But this is not the case for my uncle. He is too ambitious to settle for less, and because he is my mentor and a role model, I must not imagine settling for less. Today, he has made massive investments worth millions of dollars in the stock exchange. He just got married, and his family seems to be doing great. For him, his dream has come true but not fully. It is amazing to note that he still reminds me of the promise I made to him a long time ago. My uncle is a man who cannot easily forget such simple things. Given an appointment, he need not note down on his dairy, but he will be present and in time. 

The other thing I like about my uncle is his willingness to keep promises. I remember he had promised my mom a new fridge before he graduated. After he had secured a job with the GP Bank, my mom was surprised to come home one day and meet Uncle James with a new fridge in a pick-up. She couldn’t believe that my uncle still remembered his promise. For sure my uncle is the most influential person in my life. I now look forward to following into his footsteps to become a mentor to my younger siblings and to my future cousins; his children.                    

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