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The world is evolving day by day. It is under a constant dynamic pull with every passing moment. The rise and fall of governments worldwide signify the changes that occur in the world. Innovations that sprout forth change the lives of the human race one step at a time.

Technology and globalization

In my view, the most effective change that has occurred in five years is the rise o globalization. Globalization entails the process of integration that takes place on an international level with people around the globe, Adhya, A. (2015). This integration involves the exchanging of ideas, views, and products. This has been made possible with the advancement of telecommunications and the internet. People all around the world can now gain access to products internationally as easy as a phone call or a click of a button. Individuals can exchange views on politics and other forums with others who are from them. Students can take online classes which are convenient for busy people or for those who are not in the country of their schooling.

Five years is quite a period of time. Changes happen every day and thus in five year’s time, many changes will have occurred. A number of improvements have taken shape in our country. Health care in the country is a work in progress. In this regard, it is safe to say that health care now is much better than five years ago. The most significant change in healthcare that I perceive is in the attitude of individuals towards healthcare now as compared to five years ago. People are more perceptive to treatment and procedure in hospitals.

There is a higher death toll in the country now as compared to five years ago. This can be attributed to the ideology that has been carefully implanted on people over the years. Such ideologies are firmly founded on the media content found on television and radios in the country. The media is source o information for all human beings about the current affairs worldwide. The media can also cause negative effects on the generation that we are living in. Music can be a powerful tool in influencing an individual’s attitude and decisions. Teenage suicides are all too real in the present age we are in. Drugs and substance abuse especially in the youth of America has become a way of life in most states. Teenage pregnancies and sexual activities at such tender ages not to mention child prostitution are issues that have taken over the young population. All of these vices are brought about by the views that have been upheld in society today based on the exposure to negative media content.

Life is made easier each day through the advancement of technology. Technology makes everyday living less of a challenge for human beings, Kastner, (2015). It helps in developing the economy as well as enhancing knowledge. For example, the innovative steps that led to mobile banking and ATMs has created a banking system that helps an individual avoid the hustle of going to the bank and dealing with the procedure that goes along with it.

Attitudes towards race and diverse cultures seem to change for the better as the years go by. The integration of different people with diverse cultures has helped pull people out from their various mindsets. This has been made possible due to the technology in place. Social-networking sites have made it easy for people to interact all over the globe and learn about other cultures and the beauty within such cultures.


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