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Read pages 446-457 and answer the following questions:

1. Contrast point source pollution and non-point source pollution. Provide an example of each.

2. What are the three major sources of human induced water pollution?

3. How is agriculture contributing to water pollution? Explain and provide an example.

4. How are municipals contributing to water pollution? Explain and provide an example.

5. What is a combined sewer system?

6. What is combined sewer overflow?

7. Explain the image on page 448, in detail.

8. How does industrial wastes contribute to water pollution? Explain and provide an example.

9. Summarize the case in point: Green Chemistry. Include an explanation of what Green Chemistry is.

10. What is groundwater pollution?

11. Provide examples of how groundwater becomes polluted (sources of groundwater pollution).

12. Contamination of groundwater is a relatively recent concern. Why is this a recent concern and not a concern in the past?

13. Why is municipal water pollution a greater problem in developing countries?

14. Summarize the section on Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.

15. Summarize the section on Po River, Italy.

16. Summarize the section on the Ganges River, India.

17. Summarize the section on Zimbabwe.

18. Summarize the section on Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh.

19. Go back to You can make a difference on page 450, what can you do to prevent water pollution?

20. Describe how most drinking water is purified in the United States.

21. Explain the chlorine dilemma. Why is chlorine added to drinking water? What is the potential problem with adding chlorine to drinking water?

22. What is the controversy surrounding fluoride?

23. what happens to treated wastewater?

24. Distinguish the differences among primary, secondary, and tertiary treatments for wastewater.

25. How is sludge handled? Break down the steps and possible ways to handle it.

26. Summarize the section on individual septic systems.

27. What are the alternative waste water treatment systems?

28. How is most drinking water purified in the United States?

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