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The Opera House is designed for opera performers and musicians to perform. I had always heard about the Opera House as I grew up. I was finally lucky to visit an Opera House when I was a grown up. It was a great experience full of phenomenal performances by different groups of performers. I had an awesome time, with performances ranging from comedy to drama. I liked the way the stories were told through music. The performers had a unique way of combining almost all major art forms of art; instrumental music, visual art, theatre, dance and drama, into one magnificent, unforgettable piece.

When I arrived at the Opera House, the place was filled with silence, and the entire floor was covered with a red carpet. The appearance created a different atmosphere from the other ordinary concerts I had attended before. I learnt there was a difference in the organization of performances in an opera and ordinary performances. Operas are more attractive, and the people are always calm and the whole place is usually inviting. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling transforming the atmosphere around into a more fresh and musical scene. The theatre was exquisitely designed. Its walls had paintings of famous musicians dangling in well-organized angles. The sitting arrangement was well-done that it formed the shape of a harp from a distance. The surprising thing is that everyone had a clear view of the stage. I learnt that despite the sitting arrangement chosen, it is imperative to ensure everyone has a clear view of the performances.

When the time for the show to begin came, I was amazed to see the lights dim, and the chandeliers light up. The performance was spectacular. I witnessed the real meaning of the word ‘act’ gain its definition as the performance was unfolding. I learnt that just a few lines of a song could transform an acting scene into a superb experience. I learnt that I had to use more of an imaginative eye than even an imaginative ear  in an opera. Operas require one to use eyes more to look beyond the incongruities. The experience at the Opera House helped me to develop a creative culture, and I learnt to look things beyond their face value.

I also observed that all the performances at the Opera House featured supertitles projected directly above the stage where everyone could see clearly. There were also free program hand-outs with the synopsis of the scenes from the different performances printed on them. This helped to ensure the audience did not miss out on anything even during performances performed in foreign languages. I learnt that it is critical to ensure everyone is catered for in terms of language to attract a large audience.

I learnt that operas had something for everyone. One does not have to be a musicologist or opera fanatic to enjoy an opera. As long as you like theatre, music, drama, song, visual art or dance, you will definitely enjoy the experience. Organization is paramount for any successful performance. The stage has to be set perfectly to give everyone a clear view. It is also of great significance to offer translation services and issue programs to cater for foreigners. I can now use all this skills I learnt to organize small performances in a professional manner as I strive to open my opera house one day.

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