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Among the tools (such as graphics tools, knowledge-based tools, et cetera) that the author discussed in the textbook, determine the type of tool that you would use for a process improvement framework. Next, determine the type of tool you would use for a problem-solving framework. Justify your response.. this video will help with teh discussion response

this is the student response kimberly woods ..The type of tool that I would use for process improvement framework would be a cause-and-effect diagram. I believe the cause-and-effect diagram is a useful tool because it helps to show root causes of various errors and what effects it has for the process improvement.

By highlighting the root causes through a cause-and-effect diagram, we could enhance our knowledge in removing root causes of delay of process improvement and come out with solid solutions. Then we could use the cause-and-effect diagram to ensure the effects are the intended solutions.

The type of tool I would use for problem solving framework would be the “5 Whys”. I believe the 5 Whys is a useful tool because it’s similar to the cause-and-effect diagram, only you identify the symptoms of the matter to find out the root causes. By asking the 5 Whys we can break down what events took place because of a particular root cause which will allow us to the solve the problem and find ways to avoid it.

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