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How does the service work?

At Custom Writing Services is an academic writing service designed to help students in the completion of their academic work. To access this service, all you are required to do is fill in an order form on our website where you will provide the specific instructions, upload any necessary documents and select the time deadline. After that, you should proceed to pay for the order and wait for it to be completed. The order will then be assigned to any available writer for completion and subsequently delivered once completed.

How confidential are the services offered?

At, we take all necessary steps to protect the privacy of our clients. However, it is customary for clients to furnish us with some personal information that consists of one’s name, phone number and email address when placing the order. This information will only be used to help us increase our service delivery and it is kept confidential. The orders you place are also confidential and you can rest be assured that they are never shared to any third parties.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order on our website is very simple. All you need to do is log onto your account. In case you do not have one, you can register with us by filling in the order form on our website. Here, you should include specific instruction and upload any documents that you want the writers to use in completing your order. You should then confirm that all the details in the form are correct. If the details are correct then proceed to checkout and pay for the order. Your order will then be assigned to our writers, where it will be completed and delivered to you.

How do I pay for my orders?

We make use of PayPal which is an online payment method so as to ensure safe and quick completion of any transactions you make. The company operates legally and it is one of the most reliable money transfer organizations in the world having successfully completed millions of transactions over the years. The payment method is very easy to use as you will be guided throughout the process of completing payment for your order after you have filled in the order form.

Are the writers qualified?

We use a team of highly qualified professional writers, who pass through strict screening and tests to ensure that they are competent. To ensure that the services provided are of the highest standards, each writer’s skills are assessed based on their academic qualifications, the numerous tests taken, availability, and the completion rate of the writer. Our writers come from all over the world, and they include native English speakers and non-native speakers who possess excellent grammar skills. You can therefore count on us for high quality work. You are also entitled to request for a specific writer who you have worked with previously to complete your order.

Should I be worried about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an issue that we do not take lightly when dealing with our clients’ work. All the orders done are 100% original, and they are scanned using our plagiarism detection systems before they are delivered. Our plagiarism detection systems do not report the search in any public database and thus you can rest assured that your paper will never show on any search engine. However, we cannot offer any guarantee that your paper will not have any paraphrased text. You should thus go through it once it has been delivered to you and report to our support staff immediately you come across paraphrased text. In such a case, the order will be revised free of charge.

How long does it take my order to be completed?

We offer a variety of delivery options which are provided to you when placing your order. Conversely, you should ensure that the deadline that you choose provides the writers with sufficient time to do quality work and conduct an in-depth research. To be on the safe side, choose a deadline that is before the date you are required to submit the paper/assignment. This ensures that there is enough time for any revisions that you might want carried out.

How do I receive the completed order?

Immediately the writer completes your order and submits it to us, a notification email will be sent to you. After you receive the email, you should log onto your account, review the submitted order and then approve or alternatively send it back for revision if needed. Once you have approved the order, you can proceed to download it. In case you do not receive any notification email by the end of the deadline, you should contact our support staff immediately and raise your query.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the submitted order?

In case you are not satisfied with the order that has been delivered to you, you are entitled to request for the writer to revise it for you at zero cost. When sending a revision request, please include the specific instructions that the writer should follow and remember to state the exact time the writer should use to complete the revision.

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